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PvE raid content difficulty
Keep in mind that guilds like this are comprised of people who have bested every raid encounter we've released since Onyxia and Molten Core. They've made it a focus for years now to conquer every piece of PvE content we put out there, and do it first. Knowledge, experience, and teamwork are built rapidly when struggling through so many different boss encounters.
大意 对目前的raid难度意见 我们注意到了那些由顶级玩家组成的工会.就是在我们已经发布的团队fb中取得世界fd的队伍,他们有很高的经验.和团队效率.所以他们迅速的通过了所有的团队fb
Now, I'm not arguing that the raid content is any easier or harder than in the past. I've not done any of the 25 man raids yet. I do get the feeling though that the majority of the people I've seen on the forums specifically arguing that the content is too easy, based on the performance or opinions of the top guilds of the world, have not experienced the content either.
Is it possible you will draw the same conclusion when you've cleared every 25 man encounter through Arthas (when his time comes)? Of course. When your intuitions grow into experience after you've made such accomplishments you'll have better ground from which to justify your disappointment.

难道你们能给出你们同样能很好的清除目前的25人fb的结论? 当然,你们可以用你们的成绩来说明.我们会记录你们的反馈和意见.
Of course we're monitoring your feedback and experiencing the content ourselves. I reiterate that we'll always consider adjusting content for greater ease or difficulty if we feel it is necessary to maintain a fun and rewarding game.
PvP Balancing
It is certainly our goal to make all classes competitive in Arenas. I think we have made improvements from BC. I don't think we're there yet. We are going to learn a lot when more players are at 80 and everyone starts to try out different strats and comps. I do feel pretty comfortable predicting that the issues players are worried about now will not be the ones we're all worried about in 3 months. Dark horses always have a way of sneaking up on you.

I understand the problem with perceptions, and it can sometimes be frustrating that players who can be so well-informed about their own classes could be so out of touch with changes that have occured to other classes. It's just a big game. We definitely can't buff classes or specs just as part of a PR campaign to shake people's mindsets. But that will come with time. (Source).

Druid (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Feral druids AE
And in case it gets asked, Feral druids we haven't forgotten about your AE either. We'll try and announce something soon. (Source)


Druid can't train Weakness Spectralizers
This is a known issue and I believe we are hotfixing it. (Source)

德鲁伊不能坦克Weakness Spectralizers(原谅我不知道这个boss中文是啥)?

Hunter (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
PvP balance and Deterrence
With only a couple of exceptions, every change we made to hunters and every new talent we added were done to address specific concerns of players. You're in fantastic shape for PvE and if you are indeed still too low in PvP as you suspect, then we'll get that taken care of. We have a Deterrence idea we're working on right now, but I don't want to say any more until we're farther along. One reason I don't say as much about future plans as I could is players tend to get really upset if we change our minds or the implementation takes longer than we think. Somehow my mentioning "we're working on it" gets turned into "broken promises" and then everyone gets their torches and pitchforks. (Source)

猎人 pvp的平衡和障碍?(这里不大好解释 Deterrence.关于lr 这段觉得头昏脑涨的,有那位修正下?我估计可能有理解错误的地方)
由于一些原因,我们对lr的每一个改变都是在参考了玩家的意见做出的.你们对感觉良好的pve状态和低下的pvp状态不满.我们有个很酷的想法.但是在未完成修改之前我不想多说什么.其中一个原因就是玩家会推翻我们考虑很久的想法.如果我们说了什么.最后就会被疯狂愤怒的玩家说成破坏承诺. -----(感觉上说了半天废话,就是pvp我们会改,怎么改哈哈 保密)

Paladin (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Upcoming changes to paladin's talent trees
Not every talent tree has those clickable abilities at the 11, 21, 31, 41 and 51 spots. We might eventually give Protection and Holy and 11-pointer and we have some ideas on what we would like to do, but mostly we want to see if there is anything they are really lacking that filling the hole could solve.

A taunt is not a particularly interesting talent. It's a button you ideally never want to push and often when you have to push it, it's because someone else in the group messed up. This is why we are leaning towards just giving paladins a brand new ability to taunt, but I'll announce it for sure when we are sure.

Paladins received more changes to core mechanics than any other class in LK, so I would not be at all surprised to see changes to their talent trees over the next few patches. Holy, IMO, is likely to see the most work. (Source)

Leveling as Holy + buffs in Patch 3.0.x
That’s a bit of a misinterpretation, though I suspect I don’t need to point that out. The Holy paladin is a healing spec. If you take that spec, it’s with the expectation that you are giving up some other strengths in order to be a good healer. We don’t want leveling to be horribly painful for you, but to be honest, I don’t think it is. My answer was more that if you find leveling as Holy (or Protection or Discipline or whatever) too slow, then you do have the option to respec. Many players do. Shadow is probably the most common case of a spec that is used to level even by players that fully intend to heal.

You also make it sound as if we somehow broke existing gameplay here. Healers have never been exceptionally fast at leveling (and neither have tanks for that matter). We think we made things a little easier with the changes to spellpower and similar adjustments for tanks, but I would be surprised if your relative (for your level) dps actually went down between BC and LK.

Also, you are still going to want multiple sets of gear even with this change. Once you hit level 80 and get your stuff gemmed and enchanted it is going to be better for one role (healing, dps, PvP) than for others. The spellpower change makes healing gear better at dps (and vice versa) but it doesn’t mean they become the same thing. (Source)

[...] I don’t actually think Holy paladins get different and substandard treatment. You did get hurt by the Ret nerfs, and as I said, we intend to compensate you for that. It will be in the next patch, which will be before the 3.1 Ulduar patch. I think it’s exaggerating the issues in order to make your point to describe the Resto druid, Resto shaman, Holy priest or Disc priest as fast leveling specs. I’m not even convinced they are faster than Holy paladins (and if they are I don't think it's from their dps). Many druids level as Feral and many shamans as Enhancement, so I don’t even think the issue of Holy paladins needing different gear from their dps spec is completely fair.

Some classes and specs level fast, and in many cases that has more to do with their mechanics (often stealth and travel) and not their dps. But there have always been players willing to level as just about any spec, and they are all viable. It has never been our goal to make all specs and classes level at the same rate. We’re not advocating re-specing constantly in order to level up but still run as groups, but if you choose to play that way, you’ll probably find enough quest rewards to be able to build multiple sets of decent gear at once. (Source)

Holy Guidance requiring 5 points while the similar Ret/Prot talent only require 3
We'll look into this. I do want to caution players in general that we aren't necessarily trying to make similar talents identical across specs. Sometimes it depends entirely on the spec or the rest of the class. You can think of many examples of talents that one spec would love to have, Sheathe of Light maybe.

Rogue (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Fan of Knives cooldown removed in the future?
We think we are going to remove the cooldown of Fan of Knives altogether. There are just too many PvE situations where rogues feel at a disadvantage without a reliable ranged attack. The example that came up recently is Meathook in CoT:Stratholme and having the spawning zombies causing pushback on your healers. Rogues can FoK once and then have to run over to help the healer. (Source)

我们打算完全移除刀扇的cd.因为太多的时候在pve中 潜行者没有一个可靠的范围攻击


Wrath of the Lich King - Mounts (Again!)
Oh I know you're going to hate me for newsing the same thing twice but the mounts page has been updated and improved.


Screenshots have been added for all mounts, wowhead links are still available as small icons next to the name
The Ground/Flying column was removed, it wasn't really useful and I'm sure we all know that drakes can fly and mammoths can't.
I made a few corrections to some descriptions. (The materials bought from NPCs for the Mechano-Hog and Mekgineer's Chopper don't cost 3 000 gold ... but 12 000) .

截图已添加的所有坐骑, wowhead的连接仍然可以作为小图标的名称


从npc那里买的材料Mechano-Hog 和 Mekgineer's Chopper并不用花3000g.....是12000g )

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