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8.0剧透 部落招募同盟种族玛格汉兽人文本

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  [Player], I believe you love the Horde as I do. But unless we act, I fear it will not survive this war.

  A... mutual friend has suggested it is time we collect on an old debt. In so doing, we could add loyal soldiers to the Horde's ranks.

  Our warchief will need convincing. For this, I need your help. Come.

  我相信你和我一样深爱着部落。但我担心假如我们不采取行动的话,部落可能挺不过这场战争。 我们的一个...共同的朋友建议,现在是时候去收一笔人情债了。这样做我们就能让忠心的士兵加入到部落的队伍中来。



  Eitrigg: Warchief, years ago, the Horde pursued the fugitive Garrosh Hellscream to an echo of the Draenor I once knew.

  Eitrigg: In saving Draenor from Garrosh and the Burning Legion, this champion earned the trust of the orcs there. They owe the Horde a debt. I propose we collect what is owed to us.

  Eitrigg: An army of militant orcs from another world? Trained soldiers... and expendable. Interesting...

  Sylvanas: The mag'har orcs are legendary for their battle prowess. I will have need of such fearless soldiers in the days ahead.

  Sylvanas: What say you, $n? Are you prepared to purse a new ally?






  I see the value in this plan. But I thought the door to that other Draenor had closed.

  I have obtained a fragment of the artifact Garrosh used to travel to that world. I believe it can open the way again... but I will need the help of the dragons to do it.

  Bronze dragons... I have little use for them. But no doubt our champion here has dealt with their kind before. I suggest you two depart for Tanaris.





  Eitrigg: Our mission was successful, Warchief. Overlord Geya'rah has pledged her soldiers to the Horde.

  Sylvanas: Eitrigg has told me of your people's strength. I trust honor means as much to you as it does to him?

  Overlord Geyarah: Honor is everything to us! We do not make this oath lightly, Warchief.

  Overlord Geyarah: Eitrigg and your champion proved their courage and nobility. If they embody the heart of the Horde, then we will gladly fight beside them.

  Overlord Geyarah: Though our home lies far from these shores, the mag'har stand with you. Your enemies are now our enemies!

  Sylvanas: I accept your loyalty, overlord. Your people are welcome within the gates of Orgrimmar.

  伊崔格:我们的任务成功了,大酋长。Overlord Geya'rah已代表他的士兵宣誓向部落效忠。





  Years ago, the heroes of this world journeyed to Draenor and fought beside us against the Burning Legion.

  Our people remained united under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream. One tribe. The mag'har.

  Now the Horde needs our strength against the Alliance. And we have answered their call.

  With every victory, you will show the people of Azeroth that we are masters of war!

  No matter where your journey takes you, never forget that the heart of Draenor beats within you. Lok-tar ogar!





  无论前往何处,永远不要忘记你的身体中跳动着德拉诺之心,Lok-tar ogar!

  Strength and honor. Blood and thunder.

  Mere words to others... but everything to us.

  Though once we fought as rival clans, today we stand as one tribe. The uncorrupted. The mag'har.

  War grips this land. Good! We will revel in the carnage... and claim victory!






  You have fought countless battles across the face of Azeroth. You have shown both our allies and enemies what it means to be mag'har!

  Return to Orgrimmar that I may recognize your dedication to our people.

  In defending the Horde against its enemies, you have brought honor to the mag'har.

  Accept this gift... the traditional armor of our people. Wear it with pride as a reminder of the homeland that awaits you. Dranosh'ek mag'har!




  接受这份礼物... 我们的民族护甲。自豪地穿上它,让它时刻提醒你,你的故乡等待着你的凯旋。Dranosh'ek mag'har!